Turning Silver into Gold

How to Capture the Senior Market with Gated Offers

American seniors are 109 million strong and they have $3.2 trillion in spending power. Are you doing everything you can to reach them?
This guide will give you all you need to tap into this lucrative segment with gated offers, including:
  • Insight into seniors digital engagement and spending habits.
  • An understanding of gated offers and the verification process seniors want to redeem them.
  • Best practices for messaging to seniors.
Now is the time to set yourself apart from your competitors with gated offers - a proven strategy that increases conversions by 3x and generates ROAS as high as 18:1.
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Turning Silver into Gold

  • The Platform Datasheet

  • Senior Verification Datasheet

  • Make Seniors an Offer They Can't Refuse
  • How to Acquire Loyal Travelers with Gated Offers