The Definitive Guide to Gated Offers

A 5-Point Plan to Acquire Loyal, High-Value Customers

Gated, exclusive offers are a powerful way to reach target audiences with secure promotions. Ninety-one percent of Americans said they would take advantage of a gated offer, and more than two-thirds said gated offers are more important than traditional coupons that are available to everyone.

Better still, 91 percent said they would share a gated offer with their friends and family. Brands like Lowe's, Sprint, and J.Crew are using gated offer programs to win and retain loyal customers.
This guide will allow you to follow their lead by teaching you:
  • What is a gated offer
  • How to build a gated offer program
  • Why gated offers deliver ROAS as high as 20:1
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The Definitive Guide to Gated Offers

  • Gated Offers: A Customer Acquisition Approach That's Tripling Conversions

  • Lowe's Loyalty Program Success with SheerID

  • How Footlocker and Lowe's Bring Exclusive Offers Online and In-Store
  • Discover which programs generate the most traffic and which segments drive demand

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