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New Survey Results: How to Market to Teachers  

6th Annual Survey Uncovers How Teachers Want Brands to Communicate with Them

Our sixth annual teacher survey, in partnership with Agile Education Marketing, shows that classrooms are chronically under-funded and many teachers feel under-appreciated. Even though over half of teachers are provided a classroom budget by their school, 99% of teachers continue to reach into their own pockets to supplement their classroom spending. And teacher spending isn’t limited to back to school season. In fact, most teachers are topping off their classroom supplies on a monthly basis, if not more.
Brands like yours have a real opportunity to make an impact by providing teachers with exclusive, gated offers—and not just on classroom supplies.

Join us on September 25 at 10:00 am PT to dive into this year’s results from the nationwide survey. We’ll discuss:
  • The types of products and offers that get teachers’ attention
  • The latest stats on teacher buying patterns and spending habits
  • How school funding has shaped teachers’ shopping preferences
  • Why year-round exclusive offers are better for teachers (and your bottom line)
  • Bill Schneider 
    VP, Product Marketing
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How to Market to Teachers